What the Stranded Pilot Whales Can Teach Us About Moving on

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As I write, dozens of stranded short-finned pilot whales are circling anxiously in the shallows of Florida’s coastline, just off the Everglades. More than ten of the original 50 have died so far. Those of us who watch the news reports share a worried fellowship with scientists who say they have no explanation for such […]

Cinderella: My Favorite Bully Story (YALSA Blog)

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Reposted from the YALSA Blog (posted October 28, 2013)   The best story I ever read about a girl who was bullied is Cinderella. October is National Bullying Prevention Month, which means a lot of really cool people will tell their stories of how they suffered and overcame. I love the new voices that lend themselves […]

Stay Classy, Young America

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(From the Blink YA Books blog of Zondervan / HarperCollins) If you’re a young adult looking to size up the state of your peers these days, never fear. It will never be measured by the depths pop culture sinks to grab your attention. Those cringe-awful moments are merely the setting of a flood line—reflections of […]